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Ford Levine Sales Group, LLC. serves as a sales and marketing team for top and emerging natural products companies, with an emphasis on companies that have new, sustainable product types, technologies, and scientific studies that support their lines.

Marisa Ford and Allen Levine have combined careers in the Natural Products Industry spanning over 40 years. Both have worked in organic raw material supply, finished supplement sales, and allergen-free foods. They have worked in North America, the EU, Asia, and Australia, and have shown US and international clients how to extend their funds when exporting natural products. In addition to sales and marketing, the pair shares their knowledge of land-based green foods farming, production/manufacturing, storage, shipping, and packaging with their clients and their customers.

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How WE Can Help You

Sales and marketing services

US and international sales and account management, identifying and obtaining third-party revenue support for export success, and working with a team of US and international sales and marketing professionals to introduce client products to potential buyers and distributors.


We regularly work with clients to provide suggestions for nutritional and microbiological testing. In the past, we created specifications and COA formats for some of our clients. We will often work with third party labs to order the appropriate tests. We have also assisted a client setting up a double blind study in order to obtain results, which were later published.

regulatory issues

We work with our clients on regulatory issues, having assisted one in particular with efforts to gain Novel status in the EU. We are knowledgeable about what is needed to get natural products into different markets. We have worked using the TRACES program as well as met with success getting products into some of the more difficult export markets.

Do you have a unique product? A good story? Is your product ready to take to market? Or do you have an existing product that is underperforming? 


Contact us, if you're looking for national or international sales representation or simply need a sounding board for your ideas.